5 Tips and What to Choose

Many different emotions and meanings lie behind the gift of a bottle of wine.

Wine has always been a symbol of gratitude, celebration and sharing: for this reason, giving wine as a gift goes beyond the simple gesture of giving.

Giving wine as a gift is a perfect way to say thank you, a great way to express gratitude to a doctor for the attention and care he has given to you or a loved one.

Here are 5 tips for giving an appropriate and meaningful gift to a doctor by Sommelier Wine Box: they come from the experience gained together with our customers.


What does giving a wine as a gift represent

Giving wine as a gift is a perfect way to express gratitude and appreciation towards someone: a great way to say thank you to a person for their help and support by spending as much as you want, as there are many possibilities and price ranges in wine.

The gift of a well-selected bottle of wine is a refined gesture: a gift also suitable for formal occasions and to thank a professional for the attention and care shown.

More: wine is often associated with good wishes and prosperity, which is why giving a wine as a gift is also a way to wish luck and good health .


5 Tips for giving a wine to a doctor

Giving a bottle of wine to your doctor is one way to show your appreciation and gratitude for the important work they do. But how to choose the perfect wine?

Here are 5 tips for giving an appropriate and meaningful gift, without making mistakes.

1. Choose a quality wine

When it comes to gifting wine to a doctor, attention to detail is essential, and choosing a high-quality wine demonstrates the respect and appreciation you want to express.

Opt for one or more wines that reflect his skill and dedication, the same care he or she puts into the profession. A fine wine (more or less renowned but in any case produced with care) makes the gift more significant and embellishes the moment in which it will be received and then uncorked. Choosing an excellent wine demonstrates consideration and willingness to give something special.

2. Look for an elegant and exclusive wine

Finding an elegant and exclusive option makes all the difference. A wine of this caliber is not just a gift, but a refined gesture that expresses gratitude and consideration. Opt for a prestigious bottle, such as the flagship label of a winery, or from a renowned wine region , in order to give a refined and quality experience.

Personalizing the gift is important: if you know the doctor's tastes in wine, buy a bottle that suits his preferences . For example, if he appreciates red wines, choose a bottle of an excellent red wine from Piedmont, Burgundy or Bordeaux. If you love bubbles, Champagne is always a good choice. If, on the other hand, you love important white wines, you can never go wrong with Riesling. In short: the great classics of the highest quality.

3. Personalize your gift with a greeting card

Accompany the bottle of wine with a sincere thank you note , in which you express your feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the work done, which you will refer to. All this will make your gift truly memorable.

4. Choose a wine from a particular region

For a special touch of refinement, consider giving a selection of wines from renowned wine regions , such as Burgundy or Tuscany , choosing niche, refined and high-quality wineries, avoiding the more commercial and well-known names. Furthermore, to surprise with an even more refined gift, opt for selections of individual excellent territories that have made the history of wine such as the Langhe , Valpolicella or the Côte d'Or .

Personalizing the gift is the key: if the doctor comes from a specific region and perhaps lives away from home, a box of exclusive wines from that land can be a meaningful choice. This attention to detail shows how much you know the recipient, making the gift even more special.

If you struggle to choose between the different options, don't worry: in the next tip we will guide you further towards the
right choice.

5. Give the gift of a selection of fine wines with the help of a sommelier

A sommelier is a great ally in choosing the right wine to give to a doctor. The help of a wine expert from all over the world guarantees success due to their extensive knowledge of the wine world, ensuring that your gift is appropriate and appreciated, and that it makes you look good.

Thanks to the knowledge of the different wine regions, the grapes, the vintages and the peculiarities of each wine, he will guide you towards a selection that is perfectly suited to the doctor's tastes , whether you know his preferences in detail or not. If you rely on a sommelier you will not only be able to choose and give fine wines as gifts, but you will also be able to tell interesting stories about each wine, enriching the gift experience.


10 elegant types of wine a doctor might like

🍷 Brunello di Montalcino | Saint William

From Sangiovese grown in a single plot, a small vineyard known in Montalcino as "Campo dei Veggioni", the Brunello from the San Guglielmo boutique winery sees its first bottle with the 2016 vintage, defined as among the best of all time. As per the regulations, it ages for five years, of which two in oak barrels, and for four months in the bottle.

price per bottle: €40


🥂 Crémant du Jura | Jerome Arnoux

Crémant du Jura Blanc de Blanc Zéro Dosage from pure Chardonnay grown in the vineyards near Arbois. After manual harvesting and soft pressing of the grapes, the first fermentation takes place with clarification of the must. The second fermentation in the bottle follows according to the Champenoise Method, after which the wine rests for 24 months on the yeasts. Not dosed.

price per bottle: €35


Crémant Jerome Arnoux

🍷 Barolo Ambrogio, Bruna Grimaldi

The Barolo Bricco Ambrogio comes from Nebbiolo grown and harvested with great care: careful selection of the grapes from the months preceding the harvest, which takes place manually in boxes from the end of September to mid-October. Vinification with pure Nebbiolo, controlled temperature fermentation and long skin macerations, from 20 to 30 days. Malolactic in steel and concrete, aging for at least 24-30 months in large Slavonian oak barrels and a few French oak tonneaux.

price per bottle: €38


🍷 Pinot Noir Bourgogne | P. Bouzerau

100% Pinot Noir from Burgundy from the village Les Durots in Meursault from a land with deep, calcareous soil. Maceration for 25 days in open vats with thermoregulation, of which 12 days of cold pre-fermentation. Bottling after 12 months after a light clarification.

price per bottle: €32


Bourgogne AOC Bouzerau

🥂 Hargardun Trocken RIESLING | Bibo Runge

The Rheingau Riesling Trocken QbA “Hargardun” is produced with riesling grapes from vines over 40 years old. After manual harvesting, the grapes are subjected to maceration on the skins for 24 hours before alcoholic fermentation, which lasts for 5 months in wood. Maturation is carried out in large barrels for at least 8 months. An excellent white of great strength and intensity, capable of expressing all the potential of a great variety such as Riesling in its land of choice.

price per bottle: €32



🥂 CHAMPAGNE Brut Réserve Premier cru | Bernard Pitois

Brut Réserve Premier cru | Bernard Pitois

A blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grown a few kilometers from Epernay. The grapes are harvested strictly by hand with a careful selection of the grapes. After transport to the vineyard and a soft crushing-destemming, the first traditional fermentation takes place, followed by the second according to the dictates of the Champenoise Method. This is followed by refinement for 48 months on the yeasts and subsequently by the addition of the liqueurde tirage before marketing.

price per bottle: €35


🥂 Chardonnay Blanc de Blanc | Bricco Maiolica

An Alta Langa DOCG made with pure Chardonnay. Vinified with the Classic Method, the wine remains in the bottle for at least 30 months in contact with the refermentation yeasts, with continuous remouage until disgorgement. Zero added sugars.

price: €29


🥂 TRENTO DOC BRUT | Simoncelli

100% Chardonnay grapes, harvested in the area north-east of the company center on calcareous, fresh and well-drained soils. Vinification with the Classic Method, and aging on the yeasts for 24 months in the bottle.

price per bottle: €29


🥂 Cremant D'Alsace AOC | Vincent Fleith

Grapes (65% pinot blanc and auxerrois, 20% riesling, 15% pinot noir) that grow on soils characterized by limestone mixed with clay, harvested by hand after careful selection of the bunches. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts. A second refermentation in the bottle follows with the addition of fresh must to the base wine. Second fermentation with the following year's must: 36 months on the yeasts. No addition of sulfur dioxide.

price per bottle: €30


🍷 Barbaresco Montersino In Altiora | Michele Taliano

Nebbiolo is without the king of Alba viticulture. Internationally renowned wines originate from it and Barbaresco is one of these. The best exposures of the Bric Montersino have always been allocated to Nebbiolo to obtain optimal ripening of the grapes in the late period. The alcoholic fermentation and maceration of the skins take place in stainless steel. The wine is then decanted into barriques where it remains for approximately 24 months. In this refinement phase, malolactic fermentation and important condensation reactions between anthocyanins and tannins take place.

price per bottle: €28


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