You are entitled to a free trial of Sommelier Wine Box.


Based on your answers, we recommend the EXPERT PLAN. 

We offer you a set of three 3cl vinot of different white wines, so you can try the goodies you can get with our subscription. We cover the entire cost of the tasting of your set for you to test the quality: you only pay for the shipping.


For those who are never satisfied.Ideal for those with a good knowledge of the wine world and driven by a desire to always try new niche wines, different wine territories and discover fantastic winemakers.

It allows you to

✅ drink excellent wines for 25/30€

✅ discover new wines and wine territories

✅ have great sommeliers choose for you

✅ receive wines tailor-made for you in the comfort of your home

After 15 days of your free trial, you will be subscribed to a subscription and receive 3 niche wines each month. You can cancel your subscription, change the number of bottles or the frequency of delivery at any time. Free and without penalty, of course.


3 x 3cl vinot

Riceverai 3 assaggi di vini rappresentativi di cosa puoi ricevere abbonandoti. Tre bianchi per provare l'esperienza e la qualità di Sommelier Wine Box


Inside you will find a questionnaire on how you found the wines: it will be essential to learn even more about your preferences and create bottle selections perfect for you


Dedicated app

In the app that you download from the app store, you can search for the wines you have received and their tasting notes, with all the information about the winery and terroir