Let's be honest: the world of wine can be complex


Without solid wine knowledge, the risk of buying blindly and being disappointed is very high. Better not to risk it.


Many have a limited understanding of what they are drinking, but that shouldn't stop their curiosity.


If even the most expert people find themselves in difficulty, what should those who are not in the profession do? It's a situation that many people have in common.

Luckily we have resolved these issues

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3 reasons why you should try it

1. Convenience and savings

Thanks to our wine club, you can save an average of 15/20% on the cost of the bottles.
How do we do it? Having loyal customers every month, we are able to negotiate advantageous prices directly with the producers (guaranteeing excellent numbers) which we pass on directly to the club members in the form of 100% competitive prices.
With Sommelier Wine Box, you can enjoy the best of wines at affordable prices , expanding your wine experiences without worries.

2. Personalized, tailor-made wine selections

One of the distinctive features of our wine club is the possibility of receiving personalized wine selections especially for you.
Our expert sommeliers carefully analyze your tastes, preferences and needs when it comes to wine. Based on this information, they carefully create a selection of bottles that reflects your palate and meets your expectations.
With Sommelier Wine Box, each delivery is a unique wine experience , curated and designed especially for you.

3. Access to always new exclusive wines

Our expert sommeliers dedicate their time and experience to carefully selecting the best wines for you, offering you exclusive and limited edition bottles made by niche artisan producers.
With Sommelier Wine Box, you can satisfy your curiosity to discover new wines, wine regions and producers, and expand your knowledge, exploring the varieties and complexities of the best wine world.

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🍷 We create wine selections

Niche bottles designed according to your tastes, sending you the best wines, those that our sommeliers have discovered over decades of experience.

🍾 Receive the tasting kit for free

You receive three 3 cl vignons with which to create your profile and then every 3 months you will receive 6 wines suitable for you from all over the world worth €139.80, at a cost of €119.80

Get the free kit


Buy the free kit (you only pay shipping costs), tell us your preferences and start your journey into the world of niche wine that we will design for you!

Get the free kit