3 reasons why
you should try
a wine subscription

Let's be honest: the world of wine can be complex

It's complicated
Many have a limited understanding of what they are drinking, but this certainly should not stop their curiosity
If even the most experienced people find themselves in difficulty, how should those who are not in the profession do it? is a situation shared by many.
Without solid oenological knowledge, the risk of buying blind and being disappointed is very high. Better not to risk it.

Fortunately, we have solved these problems

Let's simplify the rules of the game

✅ Discovering, purchasing and tasting quality wine does not have to be complicated

✅ Great niche wine must be for everyone.

✅ Along with the bottles one must receive all the information to understand it, clear and simple.

✅There is no time for wines you don't like: that is why our sommeliers select bottles around your tastes.

We take it very personally

🍾 We create a selection of niche wines designed to suit your tastes, sending you the best wines, the ones our sommeliers have uncovered over decades of experience.

🍾 Buy the tasting kit free of charge, receive two 0.375l bottles to create your profile with, and then each month you will receive 3 wines from around the world at 59.90€ tailored to you

We believe in listening to our customers

🍷 We focus everything on personalisation to offer niche wines designed around everyone's tastes.

🍷 That's why we listen to the feedback of each of the many people who are already our customers, we read the reviews to the bottles one by one because we want to continuously improve the offer.

🍷 Our selections are curated by some of the best sommeliers around, an algorithm identifies the perfect one for you but then you tell us how much you liked the bottles. So we always improve your selections.

🍷 Besides, we have a rule: money back guarantee!!


Buy the free kit (you only pay shipping costs), tell us your preferences and start your journey into the world of niche wine that we will design for you!

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