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Enrico Pozzesi, Fattoria Rodano - Tuscany

Chianti Classico

Fattoria Rodano is a farm in Castellina in Chianti where we produce wine and oil, and raise pigs in the wild. We are also surrounded by many farmyard animals, which we call by name.

My interest in the Rhône pushed me to do university studies in agriculture and to delve deeper into viticulture. The first harvest of which I followed the complete cycle was in 1980: since then I have followed the company full time.

A very special group of people work with me, who bring together in an exceptional alchemy the passion for this land and for viticulture with geology, archaeology, organic farming, agricultural machinery, tropical fish... All of this it is accompanied by the teaching of Maestro Marco Gambelli, whose lesson we still follow today.

Making wine for me is an art, cultivating the vineyard is knowledge, love for the land, attachment to the roots. Our Rhône wines express a great connection with the past and have a strong personality because they are born from the passion for cultivating the vine, from respect for the environment. They are born thanks to the teachings learned from the "old people".

I believe in the need for relationships, between environment and soil, between air, water, earth and heat.

And among the people who collaborate with me.

Enrico Pozzesi

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